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CA36002 Dogfeet Dogfeet
KSCD901 The Jam 1975 Dark
KSCD906 Round the Edges Dark
KSCD919 Anonymous Days Dark
KSCD932 Two Steps Ahead Jim McCarty Band
KSCD936 The Ship of Time John and Chris Leslie
KSCD937 An English Meadow Brandywine Bridge
KSCD938 Canterbury Moon Magenta
KSCD939 Brighter than Usual Bodgers Mate
KSCD940 Clear of the Day Graham and Eileen Pratt
KSCD9400 Under the Tree Shide & Acorn
KSCD9402 Teenage Angst (The Early Sessions) Dark
KSCD9409 Cyborg Assassin Pinnacle
KSCD941 Galactic Ramble Parameter
KSCD9419 Charge Charge
KSCD942 Ship to Shore Nigel Mazlyn Jones
KSCD9430 Stone Angel Stone Angel
KSCD9440 Mourning Phase Mike Conn
KSCD9450 Caedmon Caedmon
KSCD946 For We Trade in Fun Mithras
KSCD947 The Roving Journey Man Sean Cannon
KSCD948 Boys of the Town Sally's Friends
KSCD9480 Children of Lir Loudest Whisper
KSCD949 The Grey Lady Brandywine Bridge
KSCD9490 The Holy Rood of Bromholm Stone Angel
KSCD9499 Psychotic Overkill Wicked Lady
KSCD950 Soft Sea Blue Julie Mairs and Chris Stowell
KSCD9501 Loudest Whisper Vol. 2 Loudest Whisper
KSCD9503 The Wind that Shakes the Barley Gallery
KSCD9505 Live Caedmon
KSCD9507 Maiden of Sorrow Loudest Whisper
KSCD9508 Toilet of Venus Waiting for the Sun
KSCD9510 Whistling Jigs to the Moon Flibbertigibbet
KSCD9520 The Virgin Prophet (Unreleased Sessions 1969-1970) Mellow Candle
KSCD953 First Bite of the Apple Focal Point
KSCD9591 Alone on a Stone Last Straw
KSG001 Number Nine Bread Street Number Nine Bread Street
KSG002 A Austr
KSG003 No Red Rowan Thundermother
KSG004 One Blue Epitaph
KSG005 Summer of '73 Skybird
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