Skybird - Summer of '73

Summer of '73 Album Cover
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Catalogue Number: KSG005
Release Date: 01/01/1995
Format: CD

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It's the swan song of the evening
It's one more moonless night
There's a gunboat in the harbour
and the town is sleeping tight
all except for a troupe of dancers
just released from out of jail
and they're standing on the landing stage
and ship's about to sail

They're a ragged line of has-beens
hell-raisers one and all
there's bogart buying one last drink
to toast queen bacall
and Edward G and Norma Jean
exchange a saddened smile
and Errol Flyn is a pirate kning
and Gable's cowboy style

Track Listing:
No. Name Composer(s) Length Year
1.) Queen Magdalena Gifford Rolfe 03 mins 25 secs 1974
2.) Snowcloud Gifford Rolfe 03 mins 37 secs 1974
3.) A Thousand Miles Away Gifford Rolfe 02 mins 57 secs 1974
4.) Remembering Gifford Rolfe 04 mins 09 secs 1974
5.) I Can't Take No More Gifford Rolfe 02 mins 48 secs 1974
6.) Lately I Dream Gifford Rolfe 03 mins 21 secs 1974
7.) Legend Gifford Rolfe 04 mins 21 secs 1974
8.) Someone Ought To Tell Her Gifford Rolfe 02 mins 53 secs 1974
9.) Who Killed Whom? Gifford Rolfe 05 mins 01 secs 1974
10.) So Long Ago Gifford Rolfe 02 mins 51 secs 1974
11.) Summer Of Seventy Three Gifford Rolfe 06 mins 06 secs 1974