Loudest Whisper - Maiden of Sorrow

Maiden of Sorrow Album Cover
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Catalogue Number: KSCD9507
Barcode: 5055066650725
Release Date: 08/07/2002
Format: CD

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THE STORY - A mystic druid foretold that Deidre daughter of Feldhlimid would be exceedingly beatiful, that kings and heroes would fight for her and that great ruin would befall Ulster on her account. In order to avert the evils prophesised Deirdre was brought up in isolation. One day a Hunter came upon Deirdre in the forest and told King Conchubar Mac Nessa of her unique beauty. Conchubar, on seeing Deirdre, claimed her as his future wife. Levarcham, Deirdre's foster mother, begged Conchubar to wait a year and a day before they would wed. During this time Conchubar's plans were foiled when Deirdre fell in love with the warrior of her dreams, Naoise and fled with him and his two brothers (the sons of Usnach) to Alban to escape the anger of Conchubar. In Alban Deirdre and Naoise found happiness. But conchubar, making a pretence of an absolute pardon sent Fergus to the sons of Usnach asking them to return home to Ulster. His treachery was manifest when he killed the sons of Usnach on their return. It was a bitter triumph as Deirdre overcome with grief slew herslef with the sword of her dead husband Naoise.

Track Listing:
No. Name Composer(s) Length Year
1.) The Maiden of Sorrow Brian O'Reilley 75 mins 55 secs 1975