Loudest Whisper - Loudest Whisper Vol. 2

Loudest Whisper Vol. 2 Album Cover
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Catalogue Number: KSCD9501
Barcode: 5055066650121
Release Date: 08/07/2002
Format: CD

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Original Sleeve Notes

Hailing from Fermoy, Co. Cork, Loudest Whisper proved their originality with the success of their first folk rock musical 'The Children of Lir". That was back in 1973. Today, after two more successful musicals, 'Perseus' and 'Maiden of Sorrow', and some of the hit singles on this album, Loudest Whisper have established their own recording studio in Fermoy, 'Studio Fiona'. Brian O'Reiley, Founder of the group, and his brother Paud write all their own material. Drawing influences from both American and European sources, Loudest Whisper successfully combine the best contemporary folk and soft rock to produce a highly original sound.

Track Listing:
No. Name Composer(s) Length Year
1.) You and I Brian O'Reiley 03 mins 50 secs 1975
2.) She Moved Through The Fair Traditional arranged by Brian O'Reiley 05 mins 52 secs 1975
3.) Magic Carpet Brian O'Reiley 03 mins 57 secs 1975
4.) Old Friend John Brian O'Reiley 04 mins 32 secs 1975
5.) Grey Skies Brian O'Reiley 03 mins 19 secs 1975
6.) Pied Piper Brian O'Reiley 04 mins 05 secs 1975
7.) Home Brian O'Reiley 04 mins 05 secs 1975
8.) Wheel Of Fortune Brian O'Reiley 03 mins 11 secs 1975
9.) Cold Winds Blow Brian O'Reiley 04 mins 28 secs 1975
10.) The Name Of The Game Brian and Paud O'Reiley 04 mins 52 secs 1975
11.) Nothing At All Brian O'Reiley 03 mins 06 secs 1975
12.) Nightime In The City Brian O'Reiley 03 mins 35 secs 1975