Mithras - For We Trade in Fun

For We Trade in Fun Album Cover
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Catalogue Number: KSCD946
Barcode: 5055066694620
Release Date: 22/03/2004
Format: CD

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Modern technology now allows musicians to produce great quality digital recordings in their own homes for a relatively modest outlay in equipment and software. When we made this album in 1976, few amateur or semi-professional bands entered the rather scary atmosphere of a recording studio and making a record represented a considerable act of faith by producer, promoter and artist alike. Like the hairstyles and fashions on these old album photos, much has changed.

However, in looking at the old sleeve notes again, I notice that every one of the name credited as writers or sources is still active in some way on the music scene. Mithras, however, are not. Our Last gig was in December 1996, 20 years after this album went on sale for the princely sum of 2.50!

As to the recording itself, we did it all within one weekend and, thanks to the expertise of John Golding and the late Monty Bird, it was as relaxed and enjoyable as recording can ever be! There were very few re-takes and no recording tricks, apart from one so-called drop in which the listener will never notice.

Finally, for 27 years I've longed to correct an error in the notes relating to the authorship of The Roses of New York, attributed to two Scotsmen. Lesley Hale is a Scotswoman. Phew!

Bob Plews,
Northampton, August 2003

Track Listing:
No. Name Composer(s) Length Year
1.) No More I'll Lay Me Bobbins Up Traditional Arr. Aspey/Mithras 02 mins 21 secs 1976
2.) Lord Franklin Traditional Arr. Mithras 02 mins 05 secs 1976
3.) We'll Sing Hallelujah Thompson 02 mins 10 secs 1976
4.) The Recruited Collier Traditional Arr. Mithras 03 mins 05 secs 1976
5.) From the North Fox/Smith/Aspey 01 mins 19 secs 1976
6.) Coats off for Britain Rosselson 04 mins 40 secs 1976
7.) Octobers Winds Traditional Arr. Mithras 02 mins 44 secs 1976
8.) Country Life Traditional Arr. Mithras 01 mins 45 secs 1976
9.) Here's to the Last to Die Traditional Arr. Mithras 02 mins 10 secs 1976
10.) The Rose of York Hale/Thompson 03 mins 02 secs 1976
11.) The Day I Smashed the Television Taylor 02 mins 09 secs 1976
12.) Charlie in the Meadow Connolly 02 mins 19 secs 1976
13.) Pulling Down Song Tams 01 mins 50 secs 1976